Braea has always defined herself as a risk-taker. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, where the old traditions of southern charm meets the new excitement of urban progress, she has long been unafraid to walk where others won’t. Fearlessness has always been a way of life as her journey has taken into the diverse worlds of faith, inspiration, creativity, style and beauty. As an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, model and influencer, Braea has strived to serve as a strong example for what a 21st century woman can be.

Holding strong in the belief that every young woman in every community deserves the chance and the tools to tap into the best versions of themselves, Braea founded Grow Lead Inspire, a leadership conference for girls, in 2015. The annual leadership conference offers teenage girls access to key growth opportunities they might not normally have. The event offers creative workshops, panels and mentorship from successful women in a variety of fields, leadership development, career coaching and much more.

In 2017, Braea’s journey led her to the Miss Universe organization, where she has sought a greater platform to impact the community she loves. A year later she was crowned Miss Kentucky USA, becoming the African-American woman to represent the state in seven years. Competing on the same platform and values that drove her to found Grow Lead Inspire, Braea has said that winning Miss Kentucky USA allows her to fill her societal responsibility to elevate those in her community who are less fortunate, underserved or seeking to be empowered.