Harvest Hues.

When balancing academics, business, and state-to-state weekend excursions, my life tends to become somewhat of a whirlwind.  Despite my never-ending agenda, I took some time to set out for a mini escapade around one of my best-loved areas of town--Old Louisville. A former resident of the historical community, I appreciate the tiniest virtues of this place; like absorbing vistas of the stunning architecture, or greetings from the neighborhood kitty who's following your every move.  

My greatest pleasure over the duration of my nostalgic venture, is the intermingling of my fall threads with the harvest hues offered from the trees and leaves. I, oftentimes, stay in tune with my love for solid pieces, but adding a pop of print is my favorite way to complete a day's look.

So, never forget to make time for the smallest joys in life.  Take a moment to embrace the most tasteful traits of the season; time frequently passes us quicker than we anticipate. Prioritize a walk in the park every now and then, layered in your favorite fall staples--and look damn good while doing it.

Braea (Busy B)  x

Photos by Jade Copass