3 Facial Cleansers That Your Skin Will Love

Finding the perfect face wash is essential for every woman, as a great facial cleanse should be a requisite part of her daily beauty regimen.  There's nothing like testing a million products (especially while having a breakout—yikes!) just to find that nothing works! Here's where you and I become BFFs: I've chosen three of the most gentle and effective face washes that are a must have in your stash of selections.  While every lady's skin is different, these three cleansers cater to nearly every skin type.  So, whether you're oily, dry or anywhere in between, these cleansing gems are sure to never have you missing your old wash! Check out my top picks below...

Gentle Skin Cleanser


Cetaphil's best selling Gentle Cleanser ($14) is so gentle that you can even use it on your body! It's perfect go-to when having pesky breakouts or controlling oily skin.  This fan favorite is also available in travel-size so it's perfect to tag along while on-the-go.


Cream Cleanser

Miranda Kerr does things right with her KORA Organics Cream Cleanser ($52) that softly cleanses your skin while never striping you of your natural oils.  This cleanser is a perfect pick for those of us with sensitive skin. And, what's yummy about this cream cleanser is that it really is organic! It contains things like Aloe, Macadamia nut oils, and Avocado! You know what they say--if you can eat it, then it's good for ya!


Simply Clean Gel Cleanser

Advanced skincare line, Skin Cuticals' Simply Clean ($34) is not only as gentle as they come, but it's a cleansing and exfoliating gel in one.  Highly recommended by my esthetician, it's best results are proven when used morning and night. It's key ingredients include fruit acid blend, botanical extracts, and chamomile!