Girl From Kentucky

In this day and age, one thing is for certain: There is nothing like having a day off from work to get away from the noise and deadlines. But, what's really incomparable, in my opinion, is spending your day away with breathtaking horses in The Bluegrass State. One of the many perks of being a Kentucky native, that I will never take for granted, is having arm's reach to one of the most beautiful creatures known to man. Some take a trip to a matinee, some enjoy a shopping trip with friends, and then there are Kentucky girls who primp, prep and head to the horse track to be entertained. A day at the track includes but is not limited to a traditional glass of bourbon, strategically considering what horse to bet upon, and the countless (and renowned) cheers of "Go, Baby, Go!"  Keep scrolling and catch a tiny glimpse of my Kentucky world with a day at the track on Opening Day!

Braea (Girl From Kentucky)  x


Photos by Brelin Tilford