Searching For Something..

There’s a feeling that I get when I’m on an airplane, looking out at the clouds from my window.  It’s a feeling difficult to revisit when forced and after reality hits.  It’s a sensation where I simply feel so invigorated. A feeling I never want to end; a place filled with passion, creativity, deep thought.  I'm talking about feels of enchantment. It’s an extraordinary way of thinking, revealing answers to all of the things I’ve been searching for, because, I am always searching.

In search of things like a new sound, a new vibe, and a new way to love.  In search of new communication, new income, new blessings.  I just want to find a good book to read for the winter; new knowledge; new words, and new motives.  I’m only searching for something special; something better; something, new. 

I’m the country-city girl in Kentucky just searching--constantly searching.  It's 21 degrees and I'm searching for a warm getaway.  Give me sun; give me sand; give, me, love.  There’s a beauty in exploration. Discovering greater and tapping into the production of the best you, because growth is, certainly, fascinating.


And as I grow,  I’ll continue searching

Braea  x