4 Ways To Obtain Long-Lasting Happiness.

Hi there!  It’s been a while since we’ve talked.  I’ve been away tuning up that little thing I like to speak about—you know, self-care.  I decided I needed a break from my crazy world of work while adjusting to post-engagement life (pinch me…still).  Honestly, granting myself a timeout on life, after my crazy-busy summer, was the best a girl could have done for herself.  But, as travel and work pick back up, I couldn’t let any more time pass before jumping right in, and doing what I love.  And that’s spending time here, with you.  Spending time with myself. 

Reflecting. Acknowledging. Investing. Transforming. 

While away, I took a much greater appreciation for well-being, holistic development, and happiness that isn’t temporary.  If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that life loves to throw us lemons.  And, even though society says we should turn them into sweet lemonade, a girl isn’t thinking about sugar when the rent’s past-due, her ex broke her heart, or the search for a new job just isn’t what she swore it’d be.  On the contrary—believe it or not, there is capability in that making lemonade part. Crazy—I know.

Here’s four ways to practice perpetual happiness, for those days that life’s sour lemons try and get you down:

1.    List the things that make you happy.  And do them… Often.

This may be harder for some than others.  If it’s hard for you, do not fret.  I mean, when I first did this, I had to really ask myself, “What does make me happy?”  But instead of complicating things (Because anxiety. Because, “OMG am I’m not happy!?”) I just started listing.  List the small things.  The materialistic things even.  The more you list, the more your brain will turn, and the much deeper, substantive things will begin to arrive on paper.  After forming your list, think about how often you take part in these experiences.  Try to transform these into things you practice routinely.


2.    Do something for someone else.

It’s easy to take for granted the great pleasure that comes with doing good for someone other than ourselves.  However, paying a good deed forward is the quickest and easiest way to fill an empty space with happiness.  I state this as fact because this is, in fact, our whole reason for being.  Doing good for others.  Uplift and empower your neighbor.  This isn't limited to words of encouragement either.  Really getting our hands dirty, humbling ourselves, and sacrificing for someone else. Actions speak louder than words, right?


3.    Make your own rules!!!

Stop sticking to the story the world has written for you.  Rewrite your story.  Make up your own rules, and force the world to comply.  Who cares what you said you’d do or be 5 or 10 years ago?  Life changes.  People and priorities do too. Failure is only an option if you allow it to be.  And rules can only be broken if you convince yourself of them to be true.  Individuality is powerful—especially if you hone it.  You are in control of you. 


4.    Love yourself. 


Braea  x