Life Goes On.


Honestly, there’s no shaking life’s roller-coasting course. And, I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve learned a lot through trial and error.  The common denominator in every challenging, memorable, heartbreaking, young-wild-and-free or teachable moment is that life always goes on

The clock strikes twelve again.  The sun still sets at six, and it rises all over in morning. 

If there’s one thing that I can hope for when it raises, it’s that today, I laugh a little harder, love a little deeper and I’m a wee bit wiser.  Some days I don’t complain about yesterday’s pain while others are just, different.  But, right when I start reminiscing on the things that make me scream, I’m reminded of the sun, and how today, it’s shining a little brighter.

Even though a girl can’t control which way the wind blows, I’m head in charge of me.  Especially how I get back up when methods of the universe get me down. 

I’m left with the reality that everyone in life doesn’t get “it”, and shortcomings are undeniably inevitable.  So, today, I’m opening my eyes to get lost in my own paradise, where the greatest of spirits are funneled, and resilience is at its core.

The sun is gonna rise in the morning, darling. Life is still moving.  And, so am I.


Even if my feelings have to catch up.


Braea  x


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