Infinite Possibilities.

What’s a girl to do in a world full of fantasies and memories that they say last a lifetime?  Most of them I wish I could relive.  Like summer nights in the city, dreaming about a special boy, and hitting a new town with my always-faithful girl gang.  Nothing gets better than a boozy brunch on Sunday.  Or busting moves on my favorite rooftop in the lower crevices of Manhattan.  Those who know me well know where to find me (wink).   My most cherished are saying cheers to a nice glass of red, and views of downtown BK with a real one.  I smirk at the thought of that, actually.

Sigh.  I hate it when reality hits.  When moments turn into what's previousand I get to asking myself, “what if?”  Desiring the memory of what was and what it meant, or what it still means to me.  What if I did this?  What if I hadn’t done that

These days I spend time wishing I did, but trust there’s plenty reason I didn’t. I keep in thought that time kept moving.  And, here I am—forming, growing, learning, teaching, and owning.

I’m in love with the thought of possibilities, because possibility means that it is, indeed, still possible.  I’ve learned to love what does exist, here and now, more than ever.  But, I'm so sure to leave room for my heart and my mind to keep curious because, well, life has just begun.

And, oh, the possibilities…

Braea  x

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