21c Museum Hotel Opening Night: LEXINGTON Edition

If there's one class of events I love most, it's certainly a good gallery (or exhibition) opening.  There's just something so divine about the mash up of wine, artistic expression, and folks who share your artsy-fartsy swagger, or worldview. What made this creative situation particularly special (aka amaze balls) wasn't just the reveal of it's latest exhibit , but 21c Museum Hotels celebrated it's grand opening at the newest location, in Lexington, KY!  

Me being a Louisville native, I'm no rookie to the 21c experience. But, a girl must admit, this presentation was like nothing I'd ever laid eyes on.  The bejeweled Jamaican  masterpieces, to the best of Fahmu Pecou--the artistry in this place is simply to-die-for.

Keep scrolling to catch a glimpse at the highlights of my night (dinner included)...

Bravo, 21c Lex.