Dreaming.  Always dreaming.  Dreaming in the day, and every single night.

 I cannot with the closed-minded.  I live for freedom, for expression, for power.  I feed off this feeling of empowerment.   I just cannot with the closed-minded.  I love it when I search really deep within, and encounter the best parts of me.  The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pieces of me. Disclaimer: I've entered the zone where I simply leave my fingers to walk the keyboard, and I allow myself to just feel—allowing my heart and my mind to spill over.  I live for these moments, you know?   Just feeling.  I’m conscious--for once.

   Do you know what it feels like to feel free? Free of worries; free of pain. Free of deadlines and standards to meet. Damn, I feel alive.  I feel like the truest version of me.  I feel like I’m moving in the sand and twirling in the sun.  Moving without limits, and twirling with such grace.  I’m in love with this vision.  I’m fond of the future and where it leads me. 

Dear Future,

Take me to the moon. 

Direct me to the stars.

Leave me with love.  That creative-type of love.  The hand-in-hand, F.U.T.W, melanin type of love.  Intellectual love.

 Leave it with me.

If things were to end the way I've dreamt of, they’d be sound.  They’d be simple.  They’d be complete.  Imperfectly perfect, but perfect, indeed.  Over and over again, I hear the voice in my head that says, “but, what if you fly?”  What if ?  What if I did the unthinkable?  The unimaginable? What if I flop?  What if I succeed?

Yes, life is but a dream.  A dream that I’m living out day by day.  I’d say I’m waiting for my moment, but this is my moment.  Every second, every minute, every hour.  The moment is mine.  It is mine to sparkle and mine to own, completely. 

Don’t sleep.

Where we are now isn’t where we must remain.  Headline your favorite version of you.  The champion in you. Keep dreaming

Braea  x

Photos by  Braeden Tilford

Photos by Braeden Tilford