5 (Major) Keys To Your Personal Success

You can always find me searching for new (creative) ways to work at self love and successful outcomes.  My toughest battle is setting aside time to cater to thy self, relax, and reflect.  Wearing the many hats that I do, it isn't difficult for life to get severely, uncannily busy.  And, due to lack of sleep or the occasional R & R, I often enter a wave I call "thought overload".  Or, there's always my favorite "stressed and pressed".   I'm working on it.  But, throughout my process of 'working-on-me', I've found many ways to redirect my energy toward a path of personal well-being and success.  

Keep scrolling to learn 5 of my keys to living out the best version of you in your everyday life.

1.)  Be Compassionate 

Stop being so harsh on you!  So we are all at the age where we’re working to build careers, investigating adult life (by force), and searching for our true selves in the midst of it all.  With all these overbearing pressures, self-criticism is inevitable.  However, we can condemn ourselves unnecessarily sometimes.  We all run into chaos, confusion, disappointment, and error--and more than once.  It’s your job to accept what is, face it (directly), and deal with it.  Simply turn your negative into a positive.


2.)  Take Risks

To take risks means to have faith.  Faith is a fundamental way of life, and it makes the risk that much more doable.  Every accomplishment and opportunity I have ever achieved was out of risking it all.  Although risk-taking can lead to uncomfortable circumstances, the end result is always worth it.  Prosperous, thriving expectations are far-fetched when in an easy-going, all too familiar setting.  Do the unthinkable and the uncomfortable!



3.)  Fall In Love

Allow someone to love you and love them for it in return. It’s okay to be unguarded and sensitive with someone.  You will find that it is, veritably, what makes your love for them as unique as it should become.  Love unconditionally, without limits, nor judgment.


4.)  Pray Often

Let prayer be something that you routinely and instinctively engage in.  At times, I can be in the middle of work or a public setting and the day is weighing on me.   I find that taking a moment to hideout (AKA the nearest ladies room) and share a little time with Christ gives me so much peace and understanding. These consistent conversations pave the way for the balance my journey needs.  I have yet to encounter a battle too big or small for the Lord. Set aside time for your own spiritual needs. #blessings


5.)  Be YOU & BE PROUD OF IT!!! 

Honor all that you are and own it completely.  Not everyone will be in your corner throughout your journey.  It is important to understand and accept that.  Appreciate all that sets you apart from others.  By doing so, you will begin to realize that it is, actually, what makes you most similar to those around you.  Surround yourself with those who believe in and uplift you regularly, but it is you that must be your biggest fan. Love YOU. Flaws included.

photos by  Braeden Tilford

photos by Braeden Tilford


Keep swimming. Keep learning. Keep striving.

Braea  x