A Farewell to Winter.

As winter finally comes to a close, I'm hanging up my furs and moto-gloves with almost zero hesitation.  I love the moments of reflection that this snowy season has brought about.  I've given a great deal of winter's time to anticipating my journey's upcoming courses, and really tapping into my purpose.  It's been quite comfy hibernating, sorting out my thoughts, and preparing for what's next (the unknown included).  And, while there's no denying how charged I am for what April's showers and May flowers have in store, I needed winter to let me rock my fur just one. more. time.

To my dearest Spring and Summer, I see (and feel) you... I'm so ready for your energy.  Welcome.

Braea  x

Photos by  Braeden Tilford

Photos by Braeden Tilford