Life Is Grand.

I’ve been thinking about my life in depth lately.  I’ve been visualizing a lot about who I am, in this moment, and all that I wish for my future-life to hold and appear to be.  I used to live in fear of stagnance and mediocrity.  But, lately, somewhere deep within, there stands this declaration of truth that… I am powerful.  I am successful.  I am daring.  I am breathtaking.  And oddly enough, this sudden, inner affirmation assures me that I’ve been this fascinating woman all along.

Life is grand!!!

I’m practicing this thing called, ‘getting back up again’, when life hands its largest lemons.  Resilience holds a new meaning in my world now.  I’m reconstructing my tribe and I vow to cease all contradictory activity or mental alignment.  Everything is progressive today and forevermore because, well, I need me.  My community needs me.  As I learn to accept all that I am and all that my journey has lead me through, I’ve also discovered I’m that much closer to mastering the act of self-love.  Keeping the love alive for myself through the process.

Because, again,

I need me.

Braea  x