Turn The Page.

Too many times to count that I thank God I don’t look like what I’ve been through.  I’m an advocate for change, a good challenge, and for the L-word, that is Love.  I should add that this hasn’t always been a girl’s reality.  You’ll endure much tragedy and triumph to appreciate the brighter side of life.  I think about the things that once made me shed a tear (or three) at night, but now serve as the basis to my unyielding spirit.  You know, I read once that rewriting your story is the cure-all to pain and confusion rooted in one’s past. 

Life is about seeing your reflection in the mirror, on a random day, and having the courage to say, “f-it.”  It’s about leaving what was and deciding, on your own, what will be. 

Today I am grateful for mornings with a good book, coffee in hand, awaiting the day’s challenge, and exploring new ways to change the world.  Can't forget about the candle I lit that reminds me to keep my mind calm. I've moved myself to get into this new thing of loving love and finding comfort in being vulnerable.  Although things haven’t always been this way, I choose to lay eyes on my reflection and fuhgeddaboudit; rewrite my story and make these (and a lot of other) things so. 

I’m just the girl that’s thankful for today and living in this moment.  My moment.

 Keep writing that new story of yours as you go.

Turn the page… 

Braea  x