Believe in Your Light.

It’s been a minute since I’ve spilled over here.  Nevertheless, you should know that life is still so. Grand.  So much so, that I often wonder if the Lord’s blessings are too good to be true.  But, as undeserving as I am of both his favor and grace, his love still trumps all wrongdoing.  Really, I’m just a girl that let go and let God.  A girl who turned chaos into harmony, heartbreak into hearts full, and that old frown upside down.  Truth is, life is forever lit.  I’ve got this supernatural confidence in who I am, where I came from, and especially where I’m headed.

To the moon and the stars

Cheers to life, to love, and to much success (*clink*)

It’s our right to embrace what is and what isn’t.  In full, it makes you, you.  The you that God crafted with substantial strategy. 

Mastering the art of self-love is to understand what purpose means and what yours is exactly.  Granted, such comprehension doesn’t arrive at a girl's doorstep overnight.  Neither is it meant to.  But, know that your answer lies within plenty prayer and belief.  So, believe in your light.. 

Believe in love.  Believe in truth.  Believe in you.

To love is to be loved.  To believe is to have confidence in existence.  And what exists is you, and truth. 


Don’t let yourself down.

Braea  x