5 Ways to Tap into the Best You

Becoming a better self means evolving into a greater you that already exists.  Here’s five ways to help tap into the best version of you…

1.    Embrace Change.

Change isn’t always fun.  In fact, change can be a bit overwhelming.  And, let’s face it; no one takes initial pleasure in any comfortless place, space or feels.  But, like any instance of discomfort, it’s the thing that builds character, and moreover, establishes growth.  When we’re comfortable, we’re oftentimes stagnant.  Although routines can be a great sense of stability, don't be afraid to shake things up every now and then.  Time passes when we get too caught up in daily routines.  Daily turns into monthly; turns into yearly; turns into a lifetime.  So, welcome change.  Create it, embrace it and conquer it.



2.    Accept Every Challenge

Part of being an entrepreneur means taking many risks.  I’m constantly challenging myself to write my own rules—even when everyone around me may say otherwise.  When we challenge ourselves, we get to know the real us.  We learn how to start from the bottom, wherever we are, and eventually gain enough strength (creativity, even) to work our way up.  And when we come out on top—because that’s inevitable when you persevere, we ultimately gain self-confidence.  We learn a lot about our weaknesses and how to overcome them.  We commit to giving, whatever the challenge is, all we’ve got.  We push ourselves to a limitless mindset.  We really do begin to tap into the best parts of who we are.  Therefore, take pride in hard, challenging times.  And, always, always seek the lesson to be learned in every challenging position. Challenge, learn, repeat.



3.    Get to Know the REAL You

Getting to know ourselves is, at times, easier said than done.  It takes a lot of courage, time, and more importantly, truth.  Be 100% honest when figuring out who you are.  What you like, what you don’t like.  What you’re good at, and what could also use a little tuning. I know—so hard to accept that you’re the furthest thing from perfect, right? However, when we both learn and accept who we really are, what makes us happy or sad, we’re able to acknowledge the things that we love most about ourselves, or even wish to work on.  Make it a priority to know you, through and through.   Spend lots of time with yourself, learning yourself and recognizing every emotion or circumstance that moves you in any way.



4.    Self Reflect (Often)

A fundamental aspect of becoming better at something is to, first, accept that there’s actual flaw or error.  To become the best version of you, it’s imperative that you consistently reflect upon your life and self.  Every day you should think of ways to improve yourself—whether it’s personally, socially or professional.  Don’t get too caught up in “right” or “wrong” either.  Always focus on you.  How can you be better?  What can you do differently?   Reflect on all elements of y o u.  Do it often.



5.    Love Yourself.

Don’t you ever forget it.