Live Your Dream.

I’ve got way too much to smile and be happy about these days.  I owe it to the time I spend seeking lessons to be learned, accepting things that are good for me and rejecting those that aren’t.  I’ve been able to cut out all of what’s extra.  There’s no more fluff, people who cut me (and deep), ones who dissed me, didn’t believe in me, broke my heart, played me, hated me and discouraged me.  Sorry not sorry.  One big room, but not enough space for you in it.  xoxoxoxo

My new year’s resolution was to simply remain invested in my dream. You’ll find in life that there’s power in centralizing love, passion and the urge to simply keep your dream open, alive and well. Even when life gets busy and time seems to move by, I can still exist in it.  I feel my growth, my vision and myself in every second of every day now.  I can’t shake the blissful feeling of knowing things to be true, and knowing the influence that lies in me to determine what is untrue.  In my world anyway.

It inspires me.


 We determine who and what takes up our time, our feelings, thoughts, love and judgment.  Gather acceptance of your space. It’s a sacred something where we should only acknowledge the greater, the good, and love, always. 


Live out your dream.