(Self) Love & Happiness.

(Self) Love & Happiness.

Some days I do all things with clean and clear intent, while others are spent going wherever the wind blows me.  Why limit ourselves and the lives we dream of when the dream is indeed achievable?  As time passes, I realize that structure and stability, at times, are a bit overrated.  Following your heart, prioritizing happiness and fulfillment, just might be the missing piece to the puzzle.

This summer I solemnly swore to give myself everything I ever wanted.  Time.  Freedom. Fulfillment. Understanding. Patience. Wellness. More pleasure, less pain. And love. Self love.  Loving me the way I aspire for others to love me—fully and authentically.  Boundlessly and indefinitely.  Life moves fast, but you feel a little more in control when living the best life you can give you, instead of existing in what surrounds you.  It’s about putting yourself first and choosing happiness over anything the world has to offer. 

What’s (self) love got to do with it?  Well, everything. 

Keep loving you.

Keep happiness a priority.


Braea  x